Intro and Philosophy 1

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Hi Folks, and if this is the first thing you’ve read so far, welcome to Longhouse!

My name is Derek Sallans, the principal designer and philosopher here. A lot of the content you’ll see here, at least for now, will come from me. So, I thought it would help to talk a bit about who I am and why I set this whole thing up.

Nearly a decade ago I began looking into buying a house for myself and my partner, being the next logical step in our journey at the time. We looked at a lot of options in existing and new homes, and quickly realized that everything on offer was basically garbage. Bad design, toxic materials, massive embodied energy, shoddy build standards. These are all the accepted norm for homes in Australia, and it has honestly gotten worse since then.

We then began to investigate natural and alternative home builders and once again quickly found out that this path wasn’t really open to us. The labour input required for these alternative styles meant that the prices were much too high for us.

Since that first disappointment, we’ve been hard at work learning, designing, and creating better homes, and a better future.

The homes we design now are meant to put power into the hands of everybody who needs a comfortable, safe, healthy home. We are providing a high value, low cost blueprint for creating a home that will sustain its occupants for many generations to come.

It’s not easy to build, or to manage a build, and it’s even less easy to finance it. But that doesn’t mean you should have to accept the poor quality, badly designed crap that’s on offer. It doesn’t mean you should be trapped into spending the rest of your life paying for something that isolates you, sucks up all your money, and falls apart around you.

We’re here to provide the tools you need to build a properly designed, durable, safe home, and the information you need to make sure its done right.

*You* are what’s important to us. Your health and happiness, your community building, your financial security, are what matters. We want you to have the time and freedom to become the best person you can be, because that makes the world better for all of us.

So. Subscribe, join, follow, keep watching and learning, ask questions. And when you’re ready to build your cozy, low energy, self-sufficient home, we’ll have the tools right here to help you build a better future.

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