Home Plans

Here you will find a range of home plans and additional documentation which is designed to provide you with a great home design at a reasonable price

Plans for a better future

Our sustainable home designs combine traditional patterns of living with modern building science to help you build a sanctuary, a community, and a life of abundance.

The plan sets are each beautiful modern designs which you can use to build a home to provide for your family for generations to come.

The Concept Plan Sets are the starter pack, and contain the main set of documents needed for conceptual and pre-planning purposes. These sets will also allow you to start a conversation with a builder, or to cement a vision of your new home on your land. These sets are the starting point in creating an amazing home.

Longhouse Planning Document Sets contain the main plans needed to apply for Development Approval. This included annotated floor plans, elevations, sections, and roof plan. You wont need to update these plans for your construction documentation, just add the relevant Construction Detail Set and Specifications.

Construction Detail Sets provide more in-depth documentation, including 3D construction images with descriptive notes, slab layouts, Electrical plans, and much more. With this set you will have peace of mind knowing your builder has all the best information needed to create a top quality home, manage your own build, or even carry out the construction yourself as an owner builder.

There are a number of items you’ll need to complete your documentation package, such as engineering certificates and BASIX. We have a list and description of what you’ll need (or might need) available in the Learning centre.

Stock plan sets are currently in development. Please check back soon.

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Most people will only ever build one home, and we want to help make sure yours is the best it can be. The journey can be long and confusing, so we’ve compiled some useful tools and information to get you started the right way.

Once you’ve gathered your ideas, our team will be here to join you in building a better future.

So go on. Take that first step.


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