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Book an Initial Consultation to discuss your project with our design team

Your Initial Consultation is the final step you’ll need to take on your own. From here on out we’ll be with you through the design process, helping to bring your dreams to life.

The Consultation Process

Once you book through the form below, we will be in touch to discuss where and when we will have our first meeting. This first meeting will be around an hour long and we will get to know each other and discuss how we can help you on your journey. You’ll need to either email your Preliminary Brief to us or bring it along to this first meeting.

Our second meeting will also take about an hour and we will come back with a finalised Brief, an initial Project Report which includes a site analysis and feasibility study, with an overview of potential costs and timelines.

Both of these meetings can be completed remotely, at your site, your home, or at a cafe of your choice.

Work With Us

Most people will only ever build one home, and we want to help make sure yours is the best it can be. The journey can be long and confusing, so we’ve compiled some useful tools and information to get you started the right way.

Once you’ve gathered your ideas, our team will be here to join you in building a better future.

So go on. Take that first step.


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