About Us

Our guiding vision at Longhouse is to help create a future in which everyone has the opportunity to live a life of abundance. We all deserve the right to use our time how we choose, and the freedom to pursue our passions. The world we find ourselves in works against those ideals, but we think there is a way to build a better future for everyone.


It all starts at home.

We imagine a future in which megacities, endless suburban rooftops, and slave factories no longer exist. The word “commute” is gone from the English language. The daily struggle to get up and sell your time and productivity just to get by is over.

In our vision, we live in communities connected both locally and remotely.

Our homes are in villages of friends and extended families which are safe and nurturing for everyone from newborns to great-grandmothers.

Our homes are living things which support our needs. They are built of good healthy materials and last for centuries. They harvest water and energy. They recycle waste and produce food without effort. They keep us warm in winter and cool in the ever longer summer.


These things are all achievable right now.

We know what to do to bring this vision to life. More importantly we know there are plenty of people out there like you who want to share this future.

If you want to build a better future, we are here to help you do it.


That’s what we’re about.


Work With Us

Most people will only ever build one home, and we want to help make sure yours is the best it can be. The journey can be long and confusing, so we’ve compiled some useful tools and information to get you started the right way.

Once you’ve gathered your ideas, our team will be here to join you in building a better future.

So go on. Take that first step.


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