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Sustainable Home Design

We are here to help you develop a sustainable home design.
Our mission as home designers is to provide house plans for living homes. A living home is one which is based on  beautiful, healthy, low carbon & low energy design. This is integrated with water, food, and energy systems to provide for your family’s needs. Our long term goal is to create connected communities which form self-contained villages.
Primarily we design modern homes, but we aren’t interested in flashy high end art or winning awards. The home designs we craft are intended to make great design available to everyone. We want to help build homes which are affordable, sustainable, and self-reliant.

Have a look through our learning centre, home plans, and custom designs. These have been developed to put the power back in your hands as you build a home to sustain your family for generations.


Featured Design Video

We’ve been working with Humphreys Timber Framing recently to create a design for these traditionally jointed timber trusses for a home on the NSW south coast. This type of Hybrid Framing is the perfect way to add depth, style, and value to your home without too much effort or expense. The timbers used for these trusses will be locally sourced, milled, graded, and joined to help create a long lasting and sustainable home.

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Most people will only ever build one home, and we want to help make sure yours is the best it can be. The journey can be long and confusing, so we’ve compiled some useful tools and information to get you started the right way.

Once you’ve gathered your ideas, our team will be here to join you in building a better future.

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